Unit 3 – Networking face to face and through social media

Networking is an effective low-cost marketing method for developing new opportunities, contacts, and partnerships necessary for social innovation scaling. In its essence networking is based on referrals and introductions – either face-to-face at meetings and gatherings, or by other contact methods including different social media channels. This unit will present you the main aspects of networking face to face and online for building up successful partnerships.
You will acquire basic knowledge of the main social media platforms and be able to use them in scaling process. After the completion of the unit you should be able to facilitate the social innovator in the process of partnership creation via tips for networking too.
To get inspired and set your mind thinking about why proper communication, networking and various partnerships are crucial at the scaling stage have a look at the following video:

This is an individual self-reflection task that gives useful insights and tips appropriate for the most popular face to face networking events. To start it, have a look at the following material: BUSINESS NETWORKING TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR NETWORKING EVENTS AND NETWORKING WEBSITES”.


To explore the do’s and don’ts on a networking event watch the following video. (Tipyou could also use this video or similar materials online to advice  your less experienced clients in an easy and entertaining way). Then try to prepare an elevator speech/ pitch using the information given and the following one questions (page 1-2) and/ or Leadership toolkit.

If you are interested in some examples about elevator speech look at this video

Here you are going to get acquainted with some of the benefits of social media as a networking tool. As an introduction to the topic read “The Non-profit Organization Guide to Social Media”. Then read the examples of successful networking stories in GOING SOCIAL Tapping into Social Media for Nonprofit Success(page 33 to 35) and search the social media for other similar examples, which later you could showcase to the social innovators, with whom you work.
“GOING SOCIAL Tapping into Social Media for Nonprofit Success

“The Essential Guide to for Nonprofits Social Media” By Kristin DeMint and Tammy Sproule