ESII project platform is up and running

ESII project platform is up and running

Do you want to become the next European Expert in Social Innovation Incubation?
ESII project platform is now up and running!

The brand new distant training space is an open source platform, a content management learning platform tool, fully customisable, interactive and multilingual, enriched by simulation tools and educational quizzes, easy to operate and totally personalised for the project.

The platform has been structured as a journey consisting of 6 modules which will guide you in becoming a Social Innovation Incubation Facilitator: someone who is able to support people to recognize social innovation opportunities and to create new solution ideas adding social value.

Each module provides guidance and knowledge, inspirational videos, tasks, tools and resources that will support you step by step in unleashing your potential as an Expert in Social Innovation Incubation.

The 6 modules are structured as follows:

MODULE 1_PROMPTS, INSPIRATIONS AND DIAGNOSES: learning how to recognize social innovation, being able to distinguish opportunities and create new solution ideas;

MODULE 2_PROPOSAL AND IDEAS: learning how to transform a “first vision of new solution ideas” into a proposal, defining the social value proposition and describing the potential market;

MODULE 3_PROTOTYPING AND PILOTS: learning how to prototype and test the “social value proposal” especially the viability and feasibility of the project;

MODULE 4_SUSTAINING SOCIAL INNOVATION: learning how to provide people with resources to sustain the project – e.g. finance, people, networks, selling to customers, value proposition etc.;

MODULE 5_SCALING&DIFFUSION: learning how increase the impact of Social Innovation to scale up and providing support in this process;

MODULE 6_ORGANIZE & DEVELOP A SUPPORT LEARNING PROCESS: learning how to go deeper in the assistance of social innovators and helping them in the implementation process.

Ready to start innovating?

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